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The Brain Builder User menu in the top-right corner of your screen allows you to access and control a number of important administration features regarding account management and export information. This page details all of the functionality within this menu.

To start, click your name/the person icon at the top-right of any Brain Builder page to open the User menu drop-down.


Change Password

To change your password, enter your current password and your new password (at least 8 characters) into the fields and press the Save button.

Notification Preferences

Brain Builder includes notifications that appear when users attempt to perform specific actions or under certain conditions. These notifications can be managed on this page, or disabled by clicking the Do Not Show Again box when they appear.


This page is where Administrators can set up their Organization and manage additional users. If you have not yet set up an organization, you'll first be prompted to give your Organization a name. From there, you may enter the email addresses for any users you wish to add and assign them the appropriate user type from the following options:

User Manager Administrator
Create and edit annotations
Create, rename, and edit projects
Create, rename, and edit datasets
Create, rename, and edit classes
Create, rename, and delete images/videos
Run, download, and delete exports
Create and manage API Keys
Promote and delete Brains
Manage user assignments
Manage the Organization

Add and remove users in the Organization

If your are inviting a user who already has a Brain Builder account, you can allow them to migrate their existing data into your Organization. This is controlled via the Allow users to migrate data check box.

If a User joins your Organization without migrating data, that data will be lost.

API Keys

To use the API to process images with a trained Brain, you need an API key.

To create an API Key, click the Add a key button. In the field that appears, give your API key name. You can create multiple API keys and use them for different purposes, though all API usage will count toward your account limits.

After you create API keys, you will see them listed on the page. You have the ability to revoke (deactivate) any keys at any time. Revoked keys cannot be reactivated. If you need to replace a revoked key, you will have to create a new API key.


The Exports page shows all exports that have been created. From here, users may view exports in process and download or delete completed exports. For more information on exports, please review the Exporting Data pages for Recognition, Detection, and Segmentation.

This feature is visible for Managers and Administrators.

API Analytics

The API Analytics page shows your API usage over certain periods of time.


Clicking on the Support link opens a window that lets you create a message to send to Neurala customer support. You may also contact us at When submitting a support request, please include as much detail about your question, suggestion, or problem as possible so our team can promptly help you.


Clicking Logout will log you out of Brain Builder.

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