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Why an App?

Neurala’s iOS Brain Builder app is an exciting, interactive way to use the Brains you have trained and deployed with your Brain Builder account. You can download your Brains, test their knowledge, and even continue to train them on your mobile device.

Downloading the Brain Builder App

Do one of the following:

Getting Started

  1. Once the download is complete, open the Brain Builder app.

  2. Read the information and click Next.

    Then, read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and click I Agree.

    You are redirected to the Brain List page.

    The first time you are directed to the Brain List page, it contains preloaded demo Brains that you can use to try out the app. Once you are ready to work with the Brains you have trained and deployed from your Brain Builder account, you can enter a Custom API Key in the API KEY section of the Settings page.

Entering a Custom API Key

  1. From the Brain List page, click the Settings button in the top-left corner.

    The Settings page opens.

  2. Under API KEY, click Custom.

  3. Enter your Custom API Key in the field (see API Keys on the Administration page), and click Save. When you navigate back to the Brain List page, your deployed Brains will be listed there.

    Information Don't see your Brain? Make sure you have Deployed it to Staging or Production.

    Brains deployed in the Staging environment are listed when you select the Staging tab, and Brains deployed in the Production environment are listed when you select the Production tab. You can now begin testing and training the Brains.

Testing and Training your Brain

To begin testing and/or training with the Brain Builder app, choose a Brain to work with from the Brain List page.

Click the Download icon to the right of the dataset name.

Information The first time you use the Brain Builder app, a pop-up message appears requesting access to your camera. You must click OK to use the Brain Builder app.

Once you have downloaded a dataset, you can choose whether to start testing or training your Brain by selecting one of the tabs at the bottom-right of the screen.

Testing your Brain

When the Test tab is selected, you can use the Brain Builder app to test the Brain’s knowledge of the classes it has been trained on.

To test your Brain, click the Play button and hold your iPhone’s camera up to the object of interest.

If the Brain recognizes the object, the predicted class name(s) will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

If the Brain does not recognize the object, the message will say “Nothing I know.” You can navigate to the Train tab to start/continue training your Brain on that object.

Training your Brain

When the Train tab is selected, you can use the Brain Builder app to increase the Brain’s knowledge of an existing class or teach the Brain a new class by showing the Brain images through your iPhone’s camera.

To train your Brain, select a class from the Choose a Class screen—or, to add a new class, click the Create button in the upper-right corner, enter a class name, and click OK.

Your iPhone camera opens within the Brain Builder app.

Hold the camera up to the object of interest, making sure the object is prominent and centered in the frame, and click the Record button. Capture different angles of the object for a few seconds, and then press the Pause button when you’re done.

To train the Brain on a different class, click the Change button.

Once you have trained the Brain on an object, you can click back to the Test tab to test the Brain’s knowledge on that object.

Information Please note that any learning which occurs while training Brains on the Brain Builder app does not transfer to your Brain Builder account on the computer. The learning is happening on the Edge and stays on your iPhone only.

Resetting your Brain Builder App

On the Settings page, there is a Reset App button. Clicking this deletes all the training you have done on the Brain Builder app and all your Custom API Keys, essentially reverting the app back to when you first downloaded it.


If you are going to reset your app, you might want to first copy any Custom API Keys you have already entered into Brain Builder so you can easily paste them in again after you reset. If you have any issues downloading Brains from the Brain List page after you have reset the app, try resetting the app again.

Reverting a Brain with Local Knowledge

You can reset a Brain without resetting the whole app, which deletes all local knowledge from that Brain only and reverts it to what was trained on the cloud.

To revert a Brain, navigate to the main screen where all of the brains are displayed. Swipe left on the Brain that you want to reset, and click the Revert button that appears. This removes all the training you have done on the Brain Builder app from the Brain.

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