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Creating a Project

The first thing to do when setting up your Brain Builder environment is to create your first Project.

  1. From your Dashboard, click Create new project.

    The Create a Project window opens.

  2. Enter a project name. Project names are searchable, so make it a descriptive, useful name. Then, click Create. The Project page opens.

  3. Click the Create New Dataset button. The Create a Dataset window opens.

  4. Enter a dataset name. Then, select whether this dataset is for Recognition Brain training, Detection annotation, or Segmentation annotation. You can create classes now by entering the name into the Assign Classes field, or you can create them later from the Dataset page or while tagging images.

  5. Click Add Dataset.
    The Dataset page opens, which is where you can manage all aspects of the dataset.

Next Steps

Your next steps can be any of the following:

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