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Glossary of Brain Builder Terminology

Term Definition
Annotation A tag within an image that corresponds with a polygon
Artificial Intelligence (AI) A broad term applied to Machine Learning technologies that enable computers to mimic some level of human intelligence
Brain A Neural Network trained using Brain Builder
Caffe A popular Deep Learning framework developed by Berkeley AI Research and other contributers
Class A label applied to a polygon or annotation
Dataset A collection of images and/or videos, usually sharing a common set of object classes
Deep Neural Network (DNN) A specific type of AI technology
JSON A structured text format based on JavaScript
Detection A type of AI in which target objects are identified and located within an image using bounding boxes
Object-of-interest For your use case or workflow, what you wish to teach the neural network or "brain" to understand
Polygon A multi-sided shape used in Brain Builder to define the area of image or video corresponding to a specific object
Project In Brain Builder, a project is a collection of datasets, usually sharing a common purpose
Recognition A type of AI in which objects or scenarios are identified within an image or video without localization
Segmentation A type of AI in which objects are identified and located at the pixel level
Tensorflow A popular open-source Deep Learning framework developed by Google

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