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October 7, 2019

General Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixes to workspace after toggling timeline on videos
  • Fix undo/redo actions when zoomed in


  • Improve playback and seeking of long videos
  • Harden uploading when internet connection is poor
  • Allow non-ascii project and dataset names
  • Marquee selection tool improvements

September 10, 2019

Bounding Box Annotation (Production Release)

New Features

  • Bounding Box Annotation
  • AI Assisted Video Annotation for Bounding Boxes
  • Bounding Box Data Export for Caffe or TensorFlow, or in JSON format
  • Mobile Companion App released


  • Hotkeys for Polygon Movement and Video Scrubbing
  • Switch to a single knob for video annotation frame selection
  • Updated Bounding Box workflows based on Beta Testing Feedback

July 3, 2019

Bounding Box Annotation (Beta Release)

New Features (Beta Testers Only)

  • Bounding Box Annotation
  • AI Assisted Video Annotation for Bounding Boxes
  • Bounding Box Data Export for Caffe or TensorFlow, or in JSON format


  • Polygon nudging with keyboard for Segmentation and Detection datasets

June 6, 2019

More insight into Datasets and Deployed Brains

New Features

  • Inform users when Brains are out-of-sync with Images or Classes, ask to Retrain
  • Indicate which projects and datasets have Deployed Brains
  • Work breakdown by user on Segmentation datasets


  • Data upload and batch training improvements
  • Class deletion is now allowed on Recognition datasets
  • Relevant dashboards for Segmentation datasets

May 7, 2019

Batch Tagging

New Features

  • Batch Tagging and Deleting of images


  • Improve number rounding issue with dataset stats bar accuracy
  • Do not allow duplicate classes
  • More relevant dashboards for segmentation datasets
  • API Analytics dashboard is now deep-linkable from the dataset page
  • Allow opening the brain pull-down even with 0% accuracy

April 12, 2019

Usability Improvements

New Features

  • Removable Hero Panel with Getting Started Video
  • New Dashboards
  • API Call Dashboard


  • Updates Project and Dataset Cards
  • Improved Overall UX
  • Brain Deployment Overview

March 28, 2019

Recognition Dataset Improvements

New Features

  • Added a Test Page under Brain Deployment to test images directly on Brain Builder
  • Added a Retrain Brain Button under Brain Deployment to improve brain accuracy or retrain if image was mislabeled


  • API keys now must be unique and limited in length
  • Improve performance of exports with AI assisted video segmentation
  • Fix bar chart sorting in Brain Score pull-down
  • Improve speed of zip upload decompression

March 14, 2019

Recognition End-to-end Brain Creation, Deployment, and Analysis

New Features

  • Release End-to-end Brain Building Capability for Recognition Use Cases
  • Predictive Tagging—The model learns and predicts classifications as you tag data.
  • Brain Score—Provides analytics to user on how well the brain will perform.
  • Brain Versioning—Allows for keeping brains at different stages of development.
  • Clod Deployment—API interface for running inference on images.

January 2019

Segmentation Annotation Improvements

New Features

  • Workspace—New video timeline for managing video annotations, Snap-to-fit Tool, and Undo/Redo improvements.
  • Export—Ability to specify export image width and height, customize your export mask palette, and export JSON with images.


  • The images in the image listing now link directly to the workspace.

November 2018

Introducing Organization, Roles, and Permissions

September 2018

Beta Release for Video Annotation (Segmentation)

July 2018

Beta Release for Image Annotation (Segmentation)