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When to Retrain Your Brain

After you have trained your Brain, there are a few scenarios in which you will need to retrain your Brain—which effectively shuffles the data in your Dataset and refreshes the Brain's knowledge of the images.

You should retrain your Brain:

  • After changing any tags assigned to your images, so the Brain can learn the correct label and forget the initial label.

  • After uploading images using batch tagging, so the data gets shuffled and the Brain can re-learn the images in a non-linear way. This can sometimes improve Brain performance compared to what was originally learned.

  • When an Out of Sync icon appears, indicating that your Brain is out of sync with dataset classes or annotated images.

    The Out of Sync icon will appear:
    On the Project page
    On the Dataset page next to Brain Accuracy
    Next to the Retrain button
    Next to the Brain Score

Retraining your Brain

  1. From the Dataset page, click the Deploy Brain button.

  2. From the Brain Deployment manager page, navigate to the Publish tab.

  3. In the top-right corner of the page, click the Retrain button.

    Retraining can take a minute or two. When retraining is complete, you'll see the updated accuracy percentage in the Current box on the publishing page.

It's that Simple!

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