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Bounding Box Annotation

When it’s time to annotate your data, the Workspace is where the magic happens. The Workspace is a feature-rich interface for drawing bounding boxes around objects of interest and labeling them with a class.

Tagging Tools

Brain Builder includes a number of tools in the Workspace to make your tagging more efficient—each of which is best suited to tag different types of objects. Tools may be selected with a mouse click or with hotkeys (noted in parentheses below).

Bounding Box (B)

Use the Bounding Box tool to draw around an object within the image so you can tag the object with a class.

Brightness (R)

Use the Brightness slider to change the brightness of the image. This can help reveal details to make tagging easier. It does not change the actual image.

Contrast (C)

Use the Contrast slider to change the contrast of the image. This can help reveal details to make tagging easier. It does not change the actual image.

Undo (Ctrl + Z Windows, Cmd + Z Mac)

Redo (Ctrl + Shift + Z Windows, Cmd + Shift + Z Mac)

Use Undo and Redo to step your tagging work back and forth to quickly correct mistakes.

Select Tool (T)

Use the Select tool to adjust anchor points, move polygons, or select polygons.

Move Tool (M)

Use the Move Tool to move the image within the screen. You can use this tool when you have zoomed in on the image.

Zoom ( + / - )

Use the Zoom tools to enlarge areas of the image for detailed tagging. You can zoom in, zoom out, or type a specific zoom level into the text field.

Tagging Images

  1. Use the Bounding Box tool to draw polygons around objects in the image that you want to label with a class.

    Information Once the Bounding Box tool is selected, it will remain selected until you select another tool or press the esc key on your keyboard.
  2. Tag the boxes in the image with a class.

    If there are already classes assigned to the dataset, you can select the correct class from the Classes panel on the right side of the screen.

    If the correct class is not already listed in the Classes panel, you can create a new class. To do so, click the + arrow in the right corner, type in the name of the class, and click Create.

  3. When you’re finished drawing and tagging polygons on the image, click the Next > arrow in the top-right corner of the screen to move on to the next image.

    You will be prompted to select either Save & Continue or Don’t Save Boxes.

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